Who are we ?

  A world heritage  

The late Abdelhadi Tazi (born in Fez the 15th of June 1921/7 chewal 1339 - died in April 2nd, 2015) left us a rich heritage of more than 55 published works, hundreds of conferences, articles, diplomatic documents, manuscripts, fruit of his research and more than 10 000 books from his personal library.


Beyond its scientific output, he bequeathed us values ​​and life principles that he strived to respect and to transmit through all of its contribution. Each element of its heritage is an expression of these values: respect for eachothers, tolerance, integrity, honesty, consciousness, sense of commitment, work and responsibility... He was one of the defender of dialogue, peace and universal values.


During his lifetime, he has helped to promote the history of his country in diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.


Many nations have found, through his research, parts of their history and culture.


Considering the wealth of discoveries about Morocco history, his work has always been an inspiration and a source of pride for Moroccans.


His research contributes to a better knowledge of Peoples, as well as a reconciliation between civilizations and cultures.


Thus, his work constitutes a world heritage at the service of humanity.